Quite a number of people have asked me if they could use my sounds for ringtones and I haven't had a problem with this, but I thought I would take it a step further and prepare a few which I have been using for a while now.  These are given in both mp3 format and m4r format, the latter of which are suitable for iPhones and the mp3s should cover most others.  If you have any requests from the recordings I have made, just let me know and I will be happy to upload them here.

To use the files, simply right click on the appropriate link, download the file and save it to your computer, then either drag it into iTunes under the ringtones folder if you have an iPhone, or connect up your phone to your PC and move it across to the appropriate media or ringtone folder for other types of phones.

I take no responsibility for any strange looks, weird glances or thoughtful chuckles you may receive in using these (nor any other related technical or social problems!). 

Have fun with them!

Welcome to Steamsounds AU
The home of Australian Steam Train Sounds (and the occasional diesel)
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QR AC16 221A 221A 221A Short  
QR C17 802 802 802 Short 802 Long
QR DD17 1051 1051 1051 Short 1051 Long
NSWGR 3801   3801 Short 3801 Long
NSWGR 3642 3642 3642 Short 3642 Long
Puffing Billy NA 6A NA 6A NA 6A Short NA 6A Long
SAR Nathan 5 Chime Nathan Nathan Short  
BR Black 5 45231 45231   45231
SR S15 825 825   825
Diesel, Electric and Other
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QR 2800 Class GE No. 2819
Town Horn
2819 Town   2819 Town
QR 2800 Class GE No. 2819
Country Horn
2819 Country   2819 Country
QR Electric SMU II   SMU II Town SMU II Country
NSWGR 44 Class 4486 4486 Long 4486 Short 4486 Long
VR Y class Y133 Y133   Y133
NZR DCP Class 4628 DCP 4628   DCP 4628
Level Crossing Bells Level Xing   Level Xing
Guard's Whistle Guard's Whistle   Guard's Whistle