Diesel Sounds
Diesel and Electric Traction Sounds

Here you will find recordings I have made either specifically chasing internal combustion, or just happen to catch when chasing steam.  While steam is obviously my primary interest, I don't mind the odd burble of General Electric, Alco and English Electric prime movers, and I can even appreciate the chant of a EMD product (though I wish there weren't so many around sometimes!). 

Now, you will probably find a preponderence of 4 stroke engines (GE, Alco and EE prime movers), as I have a soft spot for them, but I will try to be fair and balanced with suitable representation of the 2 stroke variety.

Eventually, I'd like to put together a CD of diesel sounds, but in the mean time, have a listen to the ones here.  To make it easier to navigate, I've split them up into latest recordings on the Latest
Diesels page, and others that have been on for a little bit are now on the More Diesels Page.

Hope you enjoy them!
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